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Counseling Services



 The school-based counseling program provides at-risk, behavioral, and emotionally troubled youth with general education counseling services, including: 

  • Individual and/or group counseling
  • Consultation with teachers/school staff 
  • Consultation with parents
  • Information and referral 
  • Classroom/playground observation 

Students learn new skills, such as how to identify feelings and how to deal with them appropriately. The program aims to identify and address troubling issues and teach coping skills in order to build self-esteem in each child to improve their ability to learn and participate in positive relationships. 

The school-based counseling program surrounds students and their families with support and services. Counseling services are provided on school sites during school hours. Parents may request services, school personnel and/or administrators can make referrals, and students can self-refer. 

For further information regarding the school-based counseling program, please contact your school site principal or child’s teacher. 




Bolsa Knolls Middle School
Erika Zamora
Gavilan View Middle School 
Andrea Perez
La Joya Elementary
Alejandra Fuentes
McKinnon Elementary
Annabel Garcia
New Republic Elementary Andrea Jacobo
Santa Rita Elementary
Jessica Zeff