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Emergency Closure Academic Materials

For emergency related non-school days due to hazardous weather conditions or other emergency situations that would cause the students not to attend school SRUSD has provided independent study instructional packets in ELA and Math.  Students and parents may access instructional packets through the district and/or site website or if available through their classroom teachers google classroom.  Participation in independent study work due to emergency related non-school days must be voluntary where students have a classroom option.  

“When students participate in independent study instruction during an emergency closure, it is for the purposes of continuing instruction and earning academic credit and does not count for the purpose of generating attendance for apportionment. • Participation in independent study must be voluntary where students have a classroom option. If the students are excluded from school and do not have a classroom option (e.g. emergency closure), then they cannot generate attendance for apportionment (EC Sections 51747(g)(8) and 51749.6(a)(6)).”
To access student lesson folders during emergency closure, select your student's grade level from the list of options below: