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Nadene Dermody
Nadene Dermody 

Director of Student Services

831-443-7200 x 1210

Peter Fleming

Peter Fleming

Coordinator of Special Education

831.443.7200 x 1213

Amy Lopez
Amy López (Galván)

Bilingual Administrative Assistant

831.443.7200 x 1209


IEP Resources

IEPAn Individualized Education Program, or IEP, describes what special education services a student will receive from the school district. It is drafted by an IEP team, which includes the parents or guardian. Students begin receiving special education program services as soon as their IEP is signed.

As appropriate, services are incorporated with general education curriculum and interactions with peers who do not have IEPs.

Parent/guardian(s) receive regular reports on students’ progress toward IEPs goals. In addition, the IEP team, including the parent(s), will review and update the IEP annually.